About Us

This website is an expression of personal faith and has not been commissioned by any organized body and does not represent the views of any institute or board yet. Also the links are just a conglomeration of related links and the viewpoints expressed are those of the individual websites.

The production and presentation of this website is personal effort and as you can see, still under development. The main purpose of this site is to share with the students, scholastic, historian, communities and web veritable treasure. When you have a valuable jewel, it does little service hidden in a personal vault. When the same jewel is show cased in a museum, the beauty is revered and appreciated by millions.

Allah says in the Quran "do not revile the faith of others as they may revile Allah in return" and He encourages us to make His message known in the "most beautiful manner".

The Madressa teaching syllabus is a comprehensive revision in the taught subjects of Tareekh, Fiqh, Akhlaq and Holy Qur’an, which still remain at the core of the Madressa. Madressa has 5 teachers and volunteers, around 100 students and 5 classes. The Madressa Opens every Sunday from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm at: Sherborne Street

in Manchester. Today the Madressa is still flourishing. The teaching material is constantly being revised to keep it up to date, and new teaching methods have been introduced. Inshallah will be also promoting community participation in many extra-curricular activities. These will include annual sports days, summer camps, and annual activity trips. As time permits, we'll be adding the Quranic references Duas, Nauhas, Madressa events, News of Death etc and expanding the website and Inshallah with His help, the work will proceed smoothly. In our faith there is no separation from the material and spiritual duties and a true believer has to excel in both. One cannot neglect the daily duties and take refuge in the mosque to pray the whole time or vice versa.

Since the inception of our website many "official" websites have gone up besides our voluntary and personal effort started then to create awareness in the community. We are just the instruments! He is doing His work!

That is the endeavor of this website. This website is designed to give you a concise insight into our working and we greatly value any feedback or comments that will help us further improve this institution.